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Both scholars in separate performance fields, Intimatchine derive from cardinal and mutable differences. Formed in 2008 by a Los Angeles-based couple, Chelsey Holland and Christopher Wormald broke up, which inspired satirized themes of their intimate exchanges. The result was an instinctive musical collaboration that brought her moody vocal narratives together with his proto-industrial soundscapes. 

Their spring 2014 debut EP, "I'll Eat You Last," is a reflection of these real and imaginary dramas accentuated by effects-driven guitar, droning synths, and hypnotic percussions. Intimatchine has since released a second EP through the exculsively digital label everythingischemical.com and evolved their stage performance to include live video feedbacking that plays off the plight of webcam romances. 

May 2015 will mark the release of their highly anticpated Part Time Punks Radio Sessions 10" EP, which debuts new and reworked songs as they were performed live at Bedrock Studios in LA. This nuanced analog courtship is a testament to a year dedicated to visceral collaborations in art, intimacy, and neologism. 


Vocals, Keyboard, Theremin / Chelsey Rae Holland
Analog Synth, Drum Machine, Guitar / Christopher Wormald



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